When and How Host Started to offer ski holiday in the Alps?

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We will handle every aspect of your booking with care and diligence, you can speak to us at pretty much any time of any day, before, during or after your holiday, and we will always go the extra mile to give you a fantastic stay. We wouldn't be able to sleep at night otherwise!

We (Andy and Sylvie) ran a chalet in Morzine many moons ago before deciding to set-up our own business and it is through having done just about every job in resort that we feel confident in what we ask others to do today. The business has grown from that first little chalet on the hillside (when ensuite bathrooms and internet access in chalets were unheard of!) and we have adapted what we offer to suit the changing demands.

Andy sees the world through the eyes of a guest and a skier and Sylvie is the organisational brain of the operation with a love of lists and homecooked food made with fresh ingredients.

We also couldn't do what we do today without the help of some fabulous back office team members, particularly Claire who takes care of so many little details to ensure that your holiday runs smoothly.

We are an unlikely pairing from totally different backgrounds but between us we have the complimentary skills required to run our business effectively. We share a passion for exceptional customer service and are still present at various times throughout the winter, alongside our handpicked seasonal crew. We are not ski bums looking to simply cover the cost of our own lift passes, but nor are we faceless tour operators in an ivory tower. Host Savoie was created in 2005 and more than 15 years later it remains both our passion and our livelihood.

Host Savoie started in 2005


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