Why Choosing Host Savoie for your ski holiday?

Why Host Savoie ?

Winter sports holidays can be stressful with so many elements to think about. Fortunately, we have the experience, the knowledge, the contacts and the determination to make things run smoothly for you!

Since 2005

Veterans of the Morzine chalet scene and loyal to our regular visitors! Repeat guests will always pay less and whilst we enjoy seeing some of you year after year we will never take your support for granted.

Extra Mile Service

Friendly and professional staff. Comfortable and unpretentious chalets in great locations. We pride ourselves on getting the basics right and will do our utmost to give you a holiday you'll never forget. After all, we want you to come back!

We Love Our Planet

Host Savoie contributes to protect our Planet

It's the only one with snow so it makes sense to protect it! We've been looking after our planet for years through small day to day changes, without fanfare or fuss, and not because it is fashionable but because it is the right thing to do. Here are a few of the ways that we try to do our bit for Mother Earth:

  • In the chalets, we offer eco-friendly toiletries. They smell delicious, they are kind to your skin AND to our planet.
  • Most of our cleaning products in the chalets use powerful plant based ingredients for a more environmentally friendly choice. On top of that we use as many refills as possible so as to minimise plastic bottle waste.
  • We have chosen properties next to bus stops and encourage guests to use the effective and free commune transport rather than clogging up the resort with minibuses.
  • We love local produce. It tastes better and travels fewer miles!
  • We recycle extensively in every catered chalet.
  • We are moving towards a paperless operation with all customer admin done online and staff training materials digitised.
  • We choose partners who also care about the planet. For example, our ski hire partner in Morzine (Doorstep Skis) donates 1% of any bookings they take online to CoolEarth. All electricity used at the workshop is now supplied from 100% renewable sources and, furthermore, they've switched to using new NST environmentally friendly ski waxes too.

Competitive Prices


Flexible Dates

We believe passionately in offering value for money and offer some of the biggest discounts for children or group bookings. We also hate empty beds so check out our bedfiller deals to snap up a bargain!

We love to say 'Yes'! Can't get a full week off work? Flights cheaper on a Wednesday? We take plenty of midweek bookings and long weekends so why not let us know what you are looking for.

Carefully Selected Partners

Some things are best left to the experts (airport transfers, ski lessons etc) but we only recommend reliable firms who strive to deliver the same level of service as ourselves.

The same applies to our third-party hotel accommodation providers. We know the hotel owners, have stayed at the hotels ourselves and can vouch for the high level of customer service that they provide.


Fancy working a winter season? Join us!

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